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We frequently help our students and customers find the right aircraft for their needs and teach them how to fly in their personal aircraft! We're available anytime to discuss your goals of becoming an aircraft owner.


Aircraft Search & Presentations

We will search the globe to find you the perfect aircraft for your needs. Then we will present you with our findings and discuss the differences 

Pre-Purchase Logbook Review and Test Flight 

We will dive deep into the logs to make sure all inspections and more are correct. All flight systems will be checked during the Test Flight!

How much does it cost?

* Travel expenses / lodging and pilot ferry services are not included

*Rates: $5,000.00 or 3% Whichever is Higher

All Contracts & Negotiations

We will build the contracts and negotiate on your behalf

Ready to Upgrade  Your Aircraft? 

With our network of customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond we can move your aircraft quickly!

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