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Charles Talley Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, Certified Flight Instructor /CFII/MEI

Originally from the Oklahoma Panhandle, Charles was introduced to aviation by his father at a young age. Receiving his private pilot license in 2015, Charles used flying as a recreational outlet throughout college. After graduating from Midwestern State University in 2018 with a degree in corporate finance, he worked as an analyst in the oil and gas industry for roughly two and a half years. Unable to shake the flying bug, Charles fast tracked to make his passionate hobby into his career. When not flying, Charles enjoys golfing and spending time outdoors with his wife, Lexi, and their labrador retriever.

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Michael Uhles - Certified Flight Instructor/CFII/MEI

Michael was born and raised in Fort Worth and started flying while in college at TCU. He received his private pilot license right after graduation and flew recreationally with friends and family during an 8-year career as a public accountant and consultant. In 2019 Michael started training at Nationwide for his advanced ratings and in 2021 decided to leave the accounting world and follow his passion for aviation by pursuing a career as a commercial pilot and flight instructor.  After being a long-time student at Nationwide, Michael is excited to now be helping others meet their aviation goals as he continues learning and growing as a pilot himself. Outside of aviation, Michael still maintains an active CPA license in Texas and enjoys several hobbies including golfing, running, and camping.

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Brett Holzapfel - Certified Flight Instructor/CFII

After graduating from Texas Tech University in 2012 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Brett began his career at Southwest Airlines. He worked as an engineer with the airline for eight years before switching gears and deciding to pursue piloting the planes he’d previously been engineering solutions for. He is a member of the inaugural class of Southwest’s Destination 225° program and holds his CFI and CFII ratings. When not flying, he is every friend and family member’s go-to mechanic and all-around ‘fixer’ and lives in Grapevine, TX, with his wife, Kaylee, and soon-to-be son.

(817) 307-2049


Greg Bernier - Certified Flight Instructor/CFII

Greg grew up in Chicago IL and began working for Southwest Airlines right after high school. While starting off as a Ramp agent for southwest Greg later became a flight attendant. While flying around the country for a living Greg had a lot of opportunity to sit up in the cockpit of a 737 and talk with the pilots who convinced him to finally pursue his dream of becoming a pilot. 2 years later Greg was accepted into Southwest Airlines Destination225 Pilot Pathway Program. His background and experience in aviation will make him a great addition to the Flight Instructor Team. 

(708) 574-8808


Cody Maxwell - Certified Flight Instructor/CFII

Born and raised in Parker County, Cody graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2011

earning his Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. After working in higher education for close to

12 years, Cody decided to pursue  flying. After one flight in 2019 he was hooked and went on to pursue

aviation as a profession. He earned an Aviation Degree at Tarrant County College which included CFI and

CFII ratings. Cody is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending his free time at the family property with

his wife, son, and dog (Zeus).

(817) 629-0644


Harley Sharrock - Certified Flight Instructor/CFII

Harley was born and raised in Dallas, TX. After becoming a world champion figure skater and traveling musician throughout her childhood years, she looked for a new adventure. Harley took a discovery flight on a whim in high school and fell in love with aviation. She started full time flight training right after high school graduation.
She earned all her ratings, up to CFII, in a little over a year. Before joining the Nationwide team, she flew cargo all over Canada, Mexico, and the US. Harley is now flight instructing full time and enjoys spending time off with her family and puppy (Shiloh).

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Austin McDonald - Certified Flight Instructor 

Austin grew up in west Fort Worth, eventually moving to Aledo where he graduated high school in 2015. He was exposed to aviation by his father, a lifelong professional pilot. After earning a degree in Biology in 2019, he decided to try flying. The thrill of flying took hold, and he proceeded to earn his ratings from Private to CFI at Nationwide. When not flying, he enjoys bowling, swimming, and movies.

(817) 773-0594 


Dylan Durst - Certified Flight Instructor/CFII

Dylan grew up in Central Texas on a ranch where he was first amused by aviation seeing crop dusters fly by spraying fields at a young age. The flying dream did not come to fruition until later on in life while serving in the Navy. He was afforded the opportunity to start his Private Pilot training in California and worked up to his first solo in 2016. Following the military he enrolled at TSTC in Waco, Tx where he earned all of his ratings from Private to CFI. Dylan loves spending his free time at the lake with family and friends or out on the golf course. 

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Brad Desai -  Certified Flight Instructor/CFII

Brad grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from Daniel Webster College in 2011, studying Aviation Management and Homeland Security. While in college, Brad also finished his Commercial Pilots License and planned to fly as a hobby. He began his career in Management and was formerly a Manager at Southwest Airlines, before joining the Team at Nationwide. After 8 years being a Manager, he decided to make the jump over to Flight Operations and was selected for the Southwest Airlines Destination225 Pilot Pathway Program. His background and experience will make him a great addition to the Flight Instructor Team.

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Russell Beasley - Certified Flight Instructor/CFII/MEI

Originally from Austin, TX, Russell attended Texas Tech University graduating with degrees in Business Marketing and Management from the Rawls College of Business in 2016. After working for a few years in the highway construction business, he was ready to make a change and decided to pursue a long-time goal of earning his pilot's license. Once he started flying, the aviation bug took hold and Russell decided to pursue aviation as a career earning everything from his Private license to his CFI, CFII, and MEI ratings in about 1 year.

(512) 944-8605

Karl Dempsey - Certified Flight Instructor/CFII/MEI

Pennsylvania born, Maryland raised. Karl took up flying after graduating from the University of Maryland where he received a degree that has nothing to do with aviation. Post college Karl quickly worked through his private pilot license and flew for pleasure and experience. Shortly there after Karl moved to Tennessee to receive his IFR rating through MEI. Karl instructed in Tennessee and had the absolute pleasure to move to Texas to continue his instruction and now he’s stuck here because he met his beautiful wife down here. All things aside Karl has a love for small aircraft and flight instruction.

(410) 271-6678

Brittany Dempsey - Certified Flight Instructor/CFII/MEI

Born in Ohio but raised in Texas Brittany was introduced early on into aviation by her father who was a CFI. Prior to her career in aviation she graduated from University of Texas in Arlington in 2015 with her Bachelors degree in Nursing.  Seeking to pursue her passion for aviation she got her private pilots license from Nationwide in 2017.  Shortly thereafter, she obtained the rest of her certifications and licenses in 2019. Brittany is dedicated to providing quality instruction individually tailored to the needs of each aspiring pilot.

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Jason Charrier - Certified Flight Instructor/CFII/MEI

Originally from north Louisiana, Jason graduated from THE University of La Monroe in 1997.  Since then, his flying career has been all over the map (literally) with a roots as a young CFI, a crop duster, a charter pilot, a military pilot and now an airline pilot.  He holds an ATP certificate, a CFII and multiple type ratings.  Even with Jason’s experience he still considers himself a student of aviation.  He believes if you ain’t learning, you're losing!

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Emma Griffin - Certified Flight Instructor/CFII

I found my passion for aviation in high school when I went to NAS Fort Worth JRB and watched from the taxiway as the F-16s took off; after that day I planned to become an Air Force Pilot . Once I graduated high school, plans changed and I decided to get my license at Nationwide Aviation. At the age of 19, exactly 2 years after my first ever plane flight, I am now getting the chance to share my love for flying with others and help them achieve their aviation goals. I continue to try to achieve new goals inside and outside of aviation that will make me a more well-rounded person. And through every success and mistake, I try to learn and become a better person as well as pilot.

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Hunter Titus - Certified Flight Instructor/CFII

Hunter grew up in Granbury, TX and after high school he spent two years in New York studying the Maritime industry, with intentions of pursuing a career as an officer on a ship. After his time in New York, he transferred to Stephen F. Austin and graduated in 2017 with a degree in Nutrition Dietetics. He worked as a Diet Technician at Cook Childrens hospital for a year and half but left to pursue a career outside of nutrition and stumbled upon aviation. He began his aviation career a year ago when he developed a passion for aviation. Hunter holds a CFI and CFII, and says he is constantly listening, learning, and growing as a pilot.

(817) 705-8777

Aaron Yuknavich - Operations Manager

Born in Fort Walton Beach Florida, Aaron split his childhood between the sunshine state and the lone star state. An avid aviation geek Aaron comes from an Air Force family with an aviator and airline instructor for a Father. He graduated from Texas A&M University in 2010, following graduation he spent time in customer service and sales roles, most recently 7.5 years working in the hospitality event industry. Outside of enthusiastically managing the flight school operation, Aaron enjoys volunteering at church, golfing, and ice hockey.

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Lexi Talley - Operations Coordinator 

Lexi grew up in Northwest Oklahoma and made the move to North Texas in 2020. She is an Oklahoma State alum (Go Pokes!) and comes to Nationwide with a background in education. She was exposed to aviation through her husband, Charles, and her father-in-law. Although she does not have any ratings, she respects the field of aviation and sees the positive impact it has on people. In her spare time Lexi enjoys cooking, watching OSU sporting events, and playing with her pup!

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Trevor Hall - Owner/President

Originally from Sanger, TX, Trevor graduated from The University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2011 with a degree in Aviation Management, and a minor in Business. Trevor began flying in 2007, and started Nationwide in 2012. He holds his ATP Certificate, is a A&P Mechanic, and has over 12 years experience in General Aviation, Corporate, and Commercial Airlines combined.


52F    TEAM

Jett Jacobs - Certified Flight Instructor

Jett  grew up in the town of Brock Texas and graduated from Brock high school in 2018 where he was a 4 year letterman in Tennis. After an A&P apprenticeship with Rich Aeroworks he decided to pursue flight school receiving a private rating with Rich Aviation at Meacham airport. Jett received his instrument, commercial, multi engine, and CFI with American Flyers, graduating at the top of his class and receiving the American Flyers Airmanship Award. He feels extremely blessed to have found aviation and looks forward to sharing his aviation knowledge with other pilots and spreading the love of aviation.

(817) 240-6851


Taylor Floyd - Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, Certified Flight Instructor /CFII /MEI

Originally from Wichita, KS, “The Air Capital of the World”, Taylor graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Taylor received his Private Pilots License while working for Textron Aviation in 2015. He later transferred to Texas to work in Operations at Bell’s Flight Training Academy. After five years with Textron, he left to pursue his passion of becoming a professional pilot. Taylor holds his CFI, CFII, & MEI. He is dedicated to providing quality instruction and sharing his passion for aviation.

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Vinny & Sinead Visconti - Owners 52F 

Vinny grew up in Denton County, is a third generation airline pilot, and graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor's in Aviation Science. He has logged over 12,000hrs and currently flies for one of the world's largest airlines where he also serves as an instructor pilot and a program manager.

Sinead grew up in Ireland and immigrated to the US to become a pilot. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. She has logged over 15,000hrs of flying and currently flies for one of the world's largest airlines where she also serves as an instructor pilot.

Vinny and Sinead, together with over 40yrs of aviation experience, joined the Nationwide Team in 2022 to help foster the next generation of pilots.
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Ivan Ulrich - Certified Flight Instructor/CFII

Born in Kentucky but raised in Cleburne, Texas, Ivan began flying in 2014 after his uncle gifted him an intro flight at a local flight school. At the time it was just a hobby, however, after he earned his Private Pilot Certificate it wasn’t long before he got the bug and went on to earn additional certificates and ratings. In 2021 Ivan joined the team at Nationwide by opening a new location at the Cleburne airport which has much opportunity for growth. With a wife and two kiddos at home, Ivan is dedicated to general aviation safety and wants to pass along this priority to all of his students.

(817) 933-2325