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ELEVATE Requirements

With a program cap of 15 ELEVATE students per location, we consider our program to be elite and exclusive. Below are requirements to begin the application process to be considered as a candidate in the ELEVATE program.

Age & Education

-Must be 18 years of age

-High School Diploma or GED (college experience preferred)

-Proficient in the English Language


-Obtain a First Class Medical Certificate

-No Prior Aviation Incidents or Accidents or other FAA Enforcement Actions


-Must pass a criminal background check

-Must pass a ground and flight aptitude test

-Must be of good moral character, driven, and possess a strong work ethic

Training Schedule Requirements

-Minimum 5 days per week training schedule

-Must live within 45 minutes of training location

-Full-Time students are required to not hold a job while training in the program

Height & Weight Limits

-Due to aircraft operating limitations, applicants taller than 6'3'' and weigh more than 250 lbs may be unable to train in our aircraft. 

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