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ELEVATE Requirements

With a program cap of 15 ELEVATE students per location, we consider our program to be elite and exclusive. Below are requirements to begin the application process to be considered as a candidate in the ELEVATE program.

Age & Education

-Must be 18 years of age

-High School Diploma or GED (college experience preferred)

-Proficient in the English Language


-Obtain a First Class Medical Certificate

-No Prior Aviation Incidents or Accidents or other FAA Enforcement Actions


-Must pass a criminal background check

-Must pass a ground and flight aptitude test

-Must be of good moral character, driven, and possess a strong work ethic

Training Schedule Requirements

-Minimum 5 days per week training schedule

-Must live within 45 minutes of training location

-Full-Time students are required to not hold a job while training in the program

Height & Weight Limits

-Due to aircraft operating limitations, applicants taller than 6'3'' and weigh more than 250 lbs may be unable to train in our aircraft. 



How much does Elevate cost?

Depending on which one of our packages your select, the Elevate packages range from $84,942 -$135,000
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