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Flight Training for non-U.S. Citizens

1. Verify that you have an appropriate visa

2. Notify the flight school that you want to begin taking flight training

3. Ensure that you have a valid email address

4. Create a login account at tsa’s afsp website https://www.fts.tsa.dhs.gov/ 

5. Apply for training on tsa's afsp website https://www.fts.tsa.dhs.gov/

6. Wait for the flight school to acknowledge your training request

7. Pay the non refundable $130 processing fee per instructions emailed to you

8. Look for a “preliminary approval” email from tsa.

9. Submit fingerprints to tsa per the instructions emailed to you

10. Wait for tsa to notify you and the flight school of its decision

11. Once you have received tsa approval, start flight training!

12. Have your photo taken by the flight school when you arrive for the first day of flight training