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FLIGHT REVIEWS - Previously known as the "biennial flight review" is required for pilots to maintain their currency every 24 calender months. This consists of a minimum of 1 hour of ground instruction and 1 hour of flight time with one of our certified flight instructors.  Recent flight experience and proficiency play a large component in the length of your flight review. Reviewing regulatory information if suggested prior to your flight review to ensure a smooth check.
INSTRUMENT PROFICIENCY CHECKS - Designed for instrument rated pilots that have not completed the currency requirements within the proceeding 12 calender months. The currency requirements for utilization of an instrument rating include 6 approaches, holds, and intercepting/tracking courses within a 6 month time frame. After this the pilot then has an additional 6 months to meet the requirements with a safety pilot, (pilots may not utilized their rating privileges after the first 6 months have elapsed prior to to completing the requirements with a safety pilot). Once a total of 12 calender months have past the instrument proficiency check must then be completed with a CFII.
AIRCRAFT TRANSITION TRAINING - Need help transitioning and becoming comfortable in your new aircraft? Hire one of our certified flight instructors to help make the transition easier.  Our trained instructors can assist you in becoming more comfortable and confident in your new or larger aircraft.
CFI TRIP ASSISTANCE - We can assist you with taking a trip you may not be comfortable with or to a new/busy location. Nationwide instructors are available 7 days a week to help you complete your trip while learning along the way. We are available for both day and overnight trips to best fit your schedule.
PINCH HITTER COURSE - You don't have to have a pilots license to feel safe in the cockpit! Our pinch hitter course is designed to teach frequant GA passengers to be able to get the aircraft out of the air and on to the ground in the event of pilot incapitation. You will learn basic aircraft control, landings, and all the basic knowledge and skills as a student pilot leading up to a solo flight.