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Flight Training Fort Worth

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Pilot Training Academy Dallas Fort Worth


All Pricing is based off of FAA MINIMUM flight time requirements. Any additional training will be provided at standard rates. (See ABOUT US for Standard Rates)

Student Preparation can significantly reduce price*               Examiner Fees not Included**

Private Pilot - $11,999

30 Half Days, 40 hours Flight Time

Private Pilot Finish Up- $5,980

15 Half Days, 20 hours Flight Time (On Average)

Instrument - $11,960*

30 Half Days, 40 hours Flight Time, Must have 25 hours XC PIC Prior

Instrument Finish Up - $5,235*

15 Half Days, 15 hours Flight Time, Written Completed/25 hours minimum Instrument time Prior to Training

Commercial Pilot - $24,875

20 Half Days, 20 hours Flight Time (Piper Arrow), 125 hours Flight Time Building (Cost can be reduced with time building partner OR USED training towards CFI/CFII/Multi)

Commercial Pilot Finish Up - $3,750

10 Half Days, 10 hours Flight Time (Piper Arrow), Must have all Commercial Prerequisites completed.

Certified Flight Instructor INITIAL- $5,490

20 Half Days, 10 hours Flight Time (Piper Warrior), Must be proficient on flight maneuvers.

Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument ADD ON - $1,745

5 Half Days, 5 hours Flight Time, Must be Instrument Proficient

Multi-Engine ADD ON- $4,150

10 hours Flight Time (Twin Comanche), 20 hours instruction

Multi-Engine Instructor ADD ON - $2,075

5 hours Flight Time, 10 hours instruction, Must have 10 hours Multi-Engine PIC Prior

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