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Tailwind Time Building Program

Nationwide Aviation's Tailwind Time Building Program is addressing the nationwide demand for pilots by helping you overcome the number one challenge: building time.

Building quality pilot time and experience is one of our highest priorities while simultaneously cutting the cost for you.


We Make It Easy

  • Upload your flight lines through Foreflight instantly

  • Mission Flying! Navigate lines to capture aerial footage

  • The camera system is wireless and is operated by a provided iPhone


  • Retail: $200/ Hour (Wet)

  • Applied credit (From Tailwinds): $65/ Hour

  • Total cost for single pilot operation: $135/ Hour (Wet)

  • Total cost for dual pilot operation: $67.50/ Hour Per Pilot (Wet)

​Aircraft: Piper Warrior 

PIC Split Time: 96%

Requirements: Must hold a Commerical Certificate 

Trip Length: Same day to one week. So plan a vacation while building time!

Total Career Earnings: Each day that you’re not a Captain is one day less of Captain pay, and that adds up. Kickstarting your career by 2 years comes with the benefit of an extra $600,000 in your pocket before you’re forced to retire.


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