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Flight Lessons
in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Aviation Career Program

Elevate can take you from zero flight time to a career pilot in as little as 9 months. We offer professional flying lessons in Dallas, TX, and the Fort Worth Metroplex. Click below for more information regarding Elevate program requirements and FAQs.

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Multiple Programs with Multiple Certifications





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Flight Training


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Who We Are

Nationwide Aviation is the premier destination for flight lessons in Fort Worth, Texas. We offer a wide range of comprehensive training programs to aspiring aviators. Our team of certified flight instructors will ensure that you receive the best possible guidance and education.

Private, Commercial, or Both!

Whether you're aiming to obtain a commercial license, a private pilot license, or just learning to fly, Nationwide Aviation's flight school has you covered.

Our flight training programs cater to novice enthusiasts and those seeking to advance their careers in aviation. With a focus on producing skilled private and commercial pilots, Nationwide Aviation is your trusted pilot school.

How Do I Get Started?

Pick Your Path to the Major Airlines

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Have you ever dreamed of taking flight and embarking on a career as a pilot? Nationwide Aviation is here to turn those dreams into reality. We have comprehensive flight training programs, experienced instructors, and financial assistance options. We are the premier choice for flight lessons in Fort Worth.

Financing Partners

Nationwide partners with financing experts so you can let your dreams take flight in aviation school.

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