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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question? We have the Answers! If you don't see your question feel free to contact us!

Can you do rentals?

Yes! After an aircraft checkout you will gain access to reserve airplanes in Flight Circle anytime you want.

What is your minimum age requirement? 

It’s never too early to start, but the best age is 16 to allow for 1- 2 days per week for training since the minimum age for a Private Pilot Certificate is 17 years old.

How much does it cost?

Please check out our pricing page. If you have addition questions please give us a call!

What does an intro flight include?

30 minute intro flight includes a two-hour session timeframe:

1 hr ground where you will learn about flight controls and flight instruments in order the fly the airplane, 30 min flight where you will do everything except takeoff and land, then a 30 min debrief to discuss your goals and schedule your training!

What do you fly?

We have 10 Piper Warriors and 2 Apaches for multi-engine.

Can a family member instruct me?

Yes, after an instructor checkout and being added to the approved instructor list, you will still be required to do stage checks before solo and checkride.

What is the $500 usage fee?

This is a ONE-TIME fee to cover physical airplane damages from use. NWA self-insures for hull damages and this allows us to keep our costs low and saves you from having to purchase renters insurance year after year. Everybody wins! If you want personal liability coverage that is your personal preference and always encouraged.


Everyone works at their own pace but here's a calculated timeline to get you started: 

Full Time 

40 hours a week (5 Days)

0 - PPL = 9Weeks

PPL - Instrument = 9 Weeks

Instrument - Commercial = 11 Weeks

Multi Comm Add-on = 2 weeks

CFI = 3 Weeks

CFI-I = 2 Weeks

MEI = 2 Weeks


5 -7 Days of training

(if out of town, recommend 7 days) 

We work backwards from DPE scheduled date

(typically a month out)

Part Time

20 Hours a week (2.5 Days)

0 - PPL = 18 Weeks

PPL - Instrument = 18 Weeks

Instrument - Commercial = 22 Weeks

Multi Comm Add-on = 4 weeks

CFI = 6 Weeks

CFI-I = 4 Weeks

MEI = 4 Weeks

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